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Sustainability is one of Sumika’s core values. In fact, if we want to do business today, we cannot ignore this fact. It’s a responsibility, and respect for our planet and society.

We believe that each employee of Sumika Polymer Compounds shares responsibility to create value through our business activities by building safe and sustainable environment at work and in our community. This allows everyone to flourish and lead comfortable and fulfilled lives.

Through our business, we want to share values in responsible care initiatives: Integrity, community, communication and future focused.

Three business principles

Following the spirit of our parent company Sumitomo Chemical we are guided by three business principles

  • We commit ourselves to creating new value by building on innovation
  • We work to contribute to society through our business activities.
  • We develop a vibrant corporate culture and continue to be a company that society trust.

The first principle states our fundamental ethos which encompasses not only the achievement of concrete goals such as economic profit, but also the more abstract vision of the ideal company we aim to be.

The second principle states our mission; our reason for being in business. We want to contribute to a better society with innovative products.

The third principle underlines our values. Our way of thinking and conduct, how we are setting out to realize our goals,  our motivation, diversity and mind set with which we approach them.